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Posted by: Casadie Pederson

As Canadians, we’re special, unique, and we’ve got a word for almost everything! Check out some of our favorites that people in other countries get a kick out of. We kick of our lists with our Top 5 songs that are all about the red and white.

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TOP 5 Canadian Songs

1. Canadian Girls – Dean Brody

2. 8:30 Newfoundland – Mike Plume

3. Canadian Man – Paul Brandt

4. Northern Girl РTerri Clark

5. Canadian Sunrise – Prairie Oyster

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Top 5 Canadian-isms

1. Toque (winter hat)

2. Gonch (underwear)

3. Chesterfield (couch)

4. Klicks (Kilometers)

5. Ars (bum)


TOP 5 Canadian Eats

1. Poutine

2. Ketchup Chips

3. Tourtiere ( French- Canadian Meat Pie)

4. Nanaimo Bars (multi-layer brownie w/ icing)

5. Smarties


TOP 5 Canadian Booze Terms

1. Screech (A Newfoundland whiskey)

2. 60-pounder ( 66 ounce bottle)

3. 2-4 / flat (24 back of beer)

4. Mickey (13 ounce bottle)

5. Caesar (similar to a Bloody Mary in the US)


TOP 5 Things Canadians Ask for at Restaurants

1. Pop (Soda)

2. More serviettes (napkins)

3. Can we have the bill?

4. Where’s the washroom?

5. Donair (Pita w/ meat, veggies, and a sauce)






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