3 Ways Jessica Mitchell Captivates the Heart

Canadian singer-songwriter Jessica Mitchell brings Part II of her Heart of Glass tour to Ontario this month. There is something special about the experience of Mitchell’s talent live in person. She has been lauded as ‘country’s Adele,’ and likened to Sheryl Crow. Much like those two icons, her genre-bending vocals and tone are universally appealing and she is captivating the hearts of many fans.

Jessica’s authenticity shines through in her lyrics. Songs written about heartache and loss. They are all very personal to her life experience.

#1 Vocal Artistry

Jessica is known for her unique sound and soulful tone. She is unbelievably captivating and takes fans on a sentimental journey with songs like Firechaser, Don’t Love Me and Workin’ On Whiskey. (Workin’ On Whiskey was recently cut by country artist Trisha Yearwood).

Jessica Mitchell’s current single Somebody Gonna Get Hurt features Canadian country star Tim Hicks. It is officially her highest charting Country single to date. Jessica and Tim worked together in a studio downtown Toronto to record Tim’s vocals and released a behind the scenes music video to give fans a peek into the creative process. The video features real video sessions of Tim’s actual vocals used on the recording.

#2 Genuine, Powerful Lyrics

Anyone who appreciates real, authentic music with meaningful lyrics will be more than impressed by Jessica Mitchell. Her album Heart Of Glass is a heartfelt diary of heartbreak, life changes and personal challenges. She lays it all out there when it comes to her songwriting and allows fans to connect with her on a deeper level. The lyrics for Maybe It’s Me are reflected perfectly in her video that shows a couple in the middle of a metaphorical game of tug of war.

#3 Vulnerability & Emotion

Jessica delivers loads of vulnerability into her live performance. She is a true storyteller, and much of her lyrics stem from personal life experiences. At the 2018 Canadian Country Music Awards in Hamilton she had one of the most compelling and emotionally charged performances of the evening.

Jessica says Heart of Glass was one of the tougher songs to write because there was so much material and she just wanted the song to be perfect. “I’m so glad we fought through it and made it work because it’s one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever written. I think it encapsulates the spirit of what the record means…constant heartbreak and the same thing happening to you over, and over, and over again.”

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