Madeline Merlo Firestone Tires

FIRESTONE PRESENTS: Madeline Merlo’s Top Three Summer Road Trip Essentials

By: Madeline Merlo

When I bought my Jeep & had Firestone soup it up with brand new tires I started compiling a list of all the places I wanted to go to! From New Orleans to Banff my eyes are big with possibilities. Theres no question that the key to a successful road trip is good music, yummy snacks and great company! Here are my top three road trip essentials.

1. Snacks

A very important key to a successful road trip is being prepared! If you’re gonna be sitting in the drivers seat for hours make sure that you have everything you need in arms reach! My cup holder is always stocked with Coffee and Water. Get all your chargers plugged in and that AUX chord ready. I used to drive an old suzuki and it didn’t have a way for me to play my music so I would bring a big speaker and that was my passenger on my first long trips down to Nashville. Snacks like chips and sunflower seeds keep you occupied and makes the time go by a little quicker! When I start to feel a little tired a bag of candy or an apple is sugar rush my go-to!

2. Music

Check out my Top Country Road Trip Songs below!

3. Podcasts

I’ve recently also gotten into podcasts to help keep the really long trips entertaining. A few of my fave are the Bobby Cast, Crime Junies, And the writer is… and Invisibilia.

Ultimately having a great road trip is about your attitude. Take your time, pull over to look at the sunset and turn a long drive into a memory! I can’t wait to explore the country in my new Jeep and get a little mud on those Firestone Tires.