Fresh Find: Autumn Hill


Top Country recently sat down with newcomers Mike and Tareya of Autumn Hill to chat about their hit ‘Anything at All’, The Beatles, and Santa’s Pub.


Your debut single ‘Anything At All’ recently went Top 20. That’s rare in today’s business. Describe the feeling of that accomplishment.


Mike – Sending our first song out into the world and watching it be received so well has just been incredible. There really are no words to describe how we feel about it being in the top 20, other then maybe shock and excitement. It’s the best feeling to know that people are out there listening to our song and being affected by it in such a positive way. All or our new fans have been so wonderful and supportive.


How did ‘Autumn Hill’ come to be?


Tareya –  Actually, it all began at a Christmas party where Mike and I started jamming together. Harmonies came so naturally to us and before we knew it the room had quieted and everyone was watching. It was then that we realized we’d found something really special. Also, the song we were working on that night actually became Favorite Mistake, which is on our upcoming album.


Who have been your biggest influences in your career?


Mike – When I was really young I grew up with pretty much only one band. THE BEATLES. They were everything in my house. I first picked up a guitar as a kid, mainly playing along with Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and SRV. It wasn’t long before I found Brad Paisley, John Mayer, and Keith Urban. They are all such amazing players, and I spent so much time just learning their licks, that’s really when I fell in love with Country music. They were sort of a gateway into it for me. Since then I’ve been really inspired by legends like Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Danny Gatton, Tim Mcgraw and so many others.


When can fans expect an album?


Tareya –  This spring. We can’t wait!


What’s coming up that fans should look forward to, other than an album?


Mike – There is a lot coming up that fans can be excited about! Mostly that would be SUMMER TOURS and FESTIVALS. We cannot wait to get this band on the road, and meet as many of our amazing fans as possible. Playing on stage every night, and meeting so many great people, it’s really my favorite thing to do.

TC’s Fun 5


1. First thing you notice about people?

Tareya – Their smile.

Mike – I’d say their smile or eyes. So much about a person is hiding in those things. It’s their window.


2. On stage or songwriting?

Tareya –  I love both, but after a long year of writing I’m really looking forward to getting out and playing all our new songs.

Mike – I do love writing, but for me it’s on stage Hands Down!


3.  Favourite spot to be in Nashville?

Tareya –  Santa’s Pub! It’s basically a trailer that has been converted into a Christmas-themed Karaoke bar. It’s in the middle of nowhere and is a total dive, but it’s always packed and we have the best time there.

Mike – Actually, I’m going to have to agree on Santa’s Pub! Our good friends took us there when we were recording Anything At All, and it was the most entertaining karaoke you have ever seen! What a great crowd, and the beers are cold and cheap. I’d say the other place was Blackbird Studios. Recording in that room was just as humbling and inspiring as it gets. Thinking about all the legends who have tracked there, it just made me so happy and thankful to get to work in that studio. The room where we recorded had an acoustic guitar that was engraved by everyone from Tim Mcgraw to Ricky Skaggs to Neil Young. Just incredible.

Tareya – Absolutely. Being in Blackbird, surrounded by so much history and such incredible musicians, was an experience I’ll never forget.


4.  The one thing you never leave the house without?

Tareya – A snack! My favorite is almonds.

Mike – My ring I wear on my right index finger. It was a gift and it means a lot to me.


5.   The one place you’ve always wanted to visit?

Tareya – I’ve always wanted to visit Paris.

Mike – Hmm I would have to say Japan. I have friends who have gone and just come back with the best stories. Also I can’t wait to head out across Canada on tour!

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