Jess Moskaluke - Drive Me Away

Jess Moskaluke Shares Her Own Essential Road Trip Playlist

Jess Moskaluke gives Top Country the lowdown on her latest single, ‘Drive Me Away’ and shares her Road Trip Playlist.

TC: What was the inspiration behind ‘Drive Me Away’? 

JM: The inspiration behind this song is the desire to shake things up a bit.

TC: Did you know right away that this was going to be your next single? 

JM: I definitely knew, but my label might tell you otherwise! Haha!

Jess also shared that we can expect a new album sometime in late 2017!  Don’t mind us, we’ll just be here counting down the days…less than 282 days, in case you wanted to join the countdown…😉

In the meantime, take a listen to Jess Moskaluke’s go-to Road Trip Playlist, which includes her latest hit, ‘Drive Me Away’.

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