Guylaine Tanguay

More Great Country Music from Québec

In addition to our list Top Country Music from Québec, we have 4 more Québec country musicians to highlight. One of them Guylaine Tanguay’s, whose newest album 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard has landed in the top 10 Canadian country album sales charts (provided by Nielsen SoundScan) 4 weeks in a row! Take a closer look at Québec’s rising country artists.

#1 Guylaine Tanguay

Guylaine Tanguay is from the Lac St-Jean area in Québec and she grew up in a family of musicians.  She made her performance debut at the very young age of 7 years old. She has released many albums through the years and toured countless major music cities. In 2018, Tanguay made an Elvis Presley tribute album and displayed her wide vocal range.  Keep an eye on this talented as she keeps surprising us with many new projects.

#2 Yoan Garneau

Yoan Garneau, originally from Ferme-Neuve, Québec, is known for being a winner of Season 2 on La Voix in 2014. His father, Sylvain, is also a country artist.  His 2015 debut album features performances with Isabelle Boulay, who was his coach on the show, and country artist Brett Kissel.  That album became the top selling Canadian album in 2015 and was awarded during the Canadian Country Music Awards. Visit his official website

#3 Patrick Norman

Patrick Norman has been a country Québec legend ever since his beginnings in 1966. Along with being an excellent guitar player, Norman has collaborated with many Québec singers, like Renée Martel, Guylaine Tanguay, and Paul Daraîche to make his complete 2017 album called “Bonheurs partagés”. 

#4 Renée Martel

Renée Martel, a French-Canadian country singer, is the daughter of country Québec legend Marcel Martel. She is often considered as “The Queen of Country” here in Canada. With over 10 million CD copies sold and dozens of awards, her legend certainly follows in her father’s footsteps. Her music is available everywhere and you can get to know this country legend especially through her 2018 album “Arrière Saison”.

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