Pick of the Week – Graham Scott Fleming “Better Man”

Better Man – Graham Scott Fleming

There is no denying the want to strive for better. To be better. To do better. Whatever that “better” maybe, it’s often inside us all at different points in our lives. “Better Man” by Graham Scott Fleming is a song about just that. The song is an emotional representation of learning who you are post-breakup and who you want to become moving forward. It tells a story with a vocal representation that is quite undeniable. A song that leaves you thinking about yourself and reflecting is often times the one that resonates the most. “Better Man” is our official Pick of the Week for April 15.

Oh you,
Yea I do, I wish the best for you
But the pieces you broke
Are stronger then you know
And are making me a better man
Oh, a better man

Listen: https://linktr.ee/grahamsfleming