It’s that time of year again, when we say thanks for all that we are blessed with in our lives, including the harvest that fills our plates for the coming seasons.

Thanksgiving is also about spending time with our family and best friends, while (obviously) listening to music that makes us even more thankful, right?

Stronger Beer – Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks sings about how proud he is to be Canadian and the differences between Canada and the United States – especially the beer! What better song to listen to on a holiday that takes place on different days in each country?

The Boys Of Fall – Kenny Chesney

This tribute to football will connect with any fan of the sport and country music fans in general. Whether you’re into the CFL or NFL, Thanksgiving is synonymous with football so there is no better time to listen to this track.

Blessed – Martina McBride

This classic is about giving thanks and celebrating your family which rings very true on a day like Thanksgiving.

Sky Stays This Blue – Dallas Smith

“Sky Stays This Blue” is a beautifully written tribute to Dallas’s daughter that really hits home at Thanksgiving when you’re with family and friends.

Time – Dean Brody

Dean Brody’s track off of “Beautiful Freakshow” is a sentimental song about making sure we are thankful for the time we have and that we spend every moment of it meaningfully.

Family Table – Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band’s cut off of their latest album, “Welcome Home” is the perfect track to listen to while hanging out with family and friends on Thanksgiving. It tells the story of a dinner table that welcomes all and stands the test of time because of the love that holds it together.

Life’s About To Get Good – Shania Twain

Off of her brand new album “Now”, Shania belts out that “life’s about joy” and all “about forgiving” which is a great message to hear on a day like Thanksgiving. Being able to forgive and realize that life is about happiness puts things in perspective for the things that really matter.

Castle – Lindsay Ell

“Castle” by Lindsay Ell is a song about always wanting more than what we have when sometimes we have to stop and be grateful for all of the things that we do have. Thanksgiving is the time of year to stop and be grateful for all of the positivity we do have in our lives.

Hunter Brothers – Born And Raised

This track talks about having pride in your hometown and being thankful for where you are from. It is the perfect anthem for those going back to where they were “Born And Raised” for the holiday.

High Valley – Dear Life

“Dear Life” is a song about reflection and contemplation that speaks to us about how precious life really is. During a holiday that is about giving thanks, this track is the perfect addition to your playlist.