Tim Hicks What A Song Should Do Video

What A Song Should Do Video: 3 Reasons To Watch

Tim Hicks has done it again. The “What A Song Should Do” video perfectly captures the feeling of the hit country song. This may be our favourite music video from Tim Hicks to date.

3 Reasons To Watch the “What A Song Should Do” Video

1. Filmed in California

Experience the backroads of California in Tim Hicks’ video for What A Song Should Do.

2. Clever Transitions

The video shares different stories of how people experience music in their daily lives. To transition between stories, the women from the first story are cleverly connected to the various experiences.

3. Tearjerking Moments

From remembering a lost one to a beautiful father-son moment, get ready to feel all the feels.

Watch the video for “What A Song Should Do” below!

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