The Reklaws’ Top 5 Things To Do In Your ‘Freshman Year’

Freshman year of College or University may be one of the best times of your life. For brother-sister duo, The Reklaws (Walker backwards) it felt perfectly suited for the title of their new album Freshman Year released in August. Let’s get to know what to do in your Freshman Year with The Reklaws. Check out the video for their new single Old Country Soul.

Top Country got to ask The Reklaws a few questions about Freshman Year

TC: We love the story behind how you guys came up with your band name. Is there a story behind the inspiration of ‘Freshman Year’?

THE REKLAWS: The idea of Freshman Year came from a meeting we had a few years ago, when brainstorming about how we wanted to target the College/University demographic. As well as the last time we lived normal lives before all this was in university, so a lot of our writing inspiration came from our “dorm days” in University.

TC: What are 3 things you recommend all students must do in their freshman year?

#1 Football Game

THE REKLAWS: You have to go to at least one or two homecoming games at the school’s home-field. Most people just go to parties the day of but actually attending the game is such a nostalgic experience.

#2 Saint Patrick’s Day Fun

THE REKLAWS: You should try to make sure you have green pancakes in the morning of Saint Patrick’s day (preferably at a morning kegger).

#3 Pranks!

THE REKLAWS: Prank people in your dorms at least once!

Top Country LOVES that Jenna and Stuart like a good prank. I wonder if they’ll prank anybody on their current tour supporting Dean Brody and Dallas Smith’s, Don’t Let Friends Tour Alone Tour?! Please post if you do!

TC: Give one piece of advice for first year students

THE REKLAWS: Every opportunity you have to meet new people, jump at it. You never know when you’ll have the chance again!

TC: Share 1 or 2 favourite campus hot spots

THE REKLAWS: I loved the UC (University Centre) because it was always busy. In times you’re feeling pressure from the amount of work on your plate it reminded you that everyone there is feeling the same way.

I loved the Bullring at University of Guelph, which is kind of the campus hotspot for food. And they had open mic’s Wednesday nights that I would always play.

TC: Do you each have a favourite Freshman year memory?  *could be school, album or tour related

THE REKLAWS: This past spring we toured between 20-30 colleges and got to meet so many students and other awesome people. At the end of every 4 day run the students at whatever school we were at would throw us a house party and they were off the hook, playing and singing our songs and welcoming us to their houses with open arms. It definitely reminded us why we named the album Freshman Year.

About ‘The Reklaws’

The Reklaws have taken the country music world by storm since launching their first major label single “Hometown Kids” in 2017. Raised on their family farm in rural Ontario, Jenna and Stuart Walker, signed their first major record deal with Universal Music in 2017.

Did you know The Reklaws second single Long Live The Night was selected as the theme song for the national broadcast of the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) Thursday night football? Pretty amazing considering they are the only Canadian act with the theme song for two consecutive seasons (2018 & 2019). Beyond rapidly achieving gold-certification, Long Live The Night would become the most streamed domestic song of all Canadian country artists released in 2018. Check out the video below.

The momentum continued to build with the release of their debut EP, Feels Like That. The title single earning The Reklaws their first #1 at Canadian country radio. Watch the video below.

Already amassing over 33-million streams, and climbing fast, the Reklaws are poised to be Country’s next superstars.

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