10 Canadian Country Artists Who Kill The Selfie Game #NationalSelfieDay

Ok so #NationalSelfieDay is a thing. And it’s today.

I just went and looked up all the so-called “National Days” calendar and it turns out today is also National Go Skateboarding Day, National Daylight Appreciation Day, and National Peaches N’ Cream Day. Now, I don’t know how reputable of a source the calendar is but who cares, we have lots to celebrate. Who doesn’t love celebrating?

Go skateboarding, appreciate the daylight, eat some (or listen to) Peaches N’ Cream. But first… take a selfie.

We have some Canadian country artists who are basically professional selfie-takers, and I’m happy to share their success with you right here.

1. First up we have Autumn Hill showing us their veggie face eating selfies.

Veggin’ out backstage! #calgary

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