This week we’re featuring River Town Saints on Top Country. Today, we have their Bonfire Dos and Don’ts!

River Town Saints is on fire with their latest single ‘Bonfire’. The song is already lighting up the charts to the Top 30 on Canadian Country radio after just a few weeks! Recently, River Town Saints blew audiences away when they opened for Tim Hicks on the Shake These Walls Tour. Trust us, this band is just getting started…

We asked the guys of River Town Saints to share their Bonfire Dos and Don’ts. In true River Town Saints fashion, their answers will have you cracking up in no time. Plus! You’ll you’ll be a bonfire expert which is sure to come in handy this summer.



Do bring marshmallows

Do bring hot dogs

Do bring sausages

Do bring a flashlight (so you can find a good stick to cook the sausages with)

Do bring beer

Do bring even more beer

Do bring a big cooler, ice goes in last (you can fit more cans and bottles)

Do splurge and get the $20 Walmart folding chairs, not the $10 rollback ones, trust.

Do light it outdoors

Do toss an old Christmas tree on there 👌


Don’t bring gasoline.

Don’t bring McComb’s Teddy Bear

Don’t cook food over pressure treated lumber. It might taste like paint and your stomach will hurt.

Don’t pee on it to put it out, everyone downwind will hate you.

Don’t stack pallets up 6 high, dowse them in gas and light em up, the fire department may show up.

Don’t sit in the direction of the wind, unless you want to smell like a bonfire.

Don’t use old socks for kindling

Don’t forget the beer

No seriously, don’t forget.

Can’t get enough of River Town Saints’ latest hit Bonfire? Catch the band this Saturday, February 11th in Ottawa, ON as they light it up in their hometown at Mavericks! Tickets available now!

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