Camping: 10 Things You Need For Your Music Festival Campsite

Camping: 10 Things You Need For Your Music Festival Campsite

Are you camping at a music festival this year? Most festivals are located on remote grounds which allows for adventurous ticket holders to set up camp. Pitching a tent at a music festival can either make or break your experience. Here are our 10 Must Have items for your next music festival.

Air Bed

Sleeping bags can only get you so far. After a long day of walking and dancing you’ll want to sink into as comfortable a bed as you can get. Try bringing an air bed to make your sleep a little less rough.

BBQ + Mini Propane

Grilling dinner on the barbecue before catching the final act of the night is a delicious way to fill up for the night.

Barbecue - Camping

Luggage Lock

Safety first! Ensure that your valuables are kept safe and sound in your tent or car by locking them up.

Portable speakers

Don’t depend on your phone’s speakers! Get dressed and ready for the fest with a playlist of the artists you’re going to see that day using a portable speaker. The Top Country Songs Playlist is sure to get you pumped for the day ahead 😉

Camping - Music Festival

Water Jug + Pump

One of the most important festival tips is to stay hydrated! Build your own makeshift pump and top-up your water bottles in between shows.


Sometimes you just need a break from the festival. Regrouping at your camping spot under the shade of a canopy is bliss and gives your body a needed break from the sun.


Staking a unique flag on your camping plot is a great way to quickly spot your makeshift home when trekking back after an exhausting day at the fest.

Camping - tent


Keep your drinks and perishables chilled for as long as you can in a good cooler. If there’s a gas station nearby, try to top it up each day.

Head Light

Sure, our cellphones have turned into makeshift flashlights but when you’ve got to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, or find your suitcase zipper

Foldable Lawn Chairs

Most festival goers spend a lot of time either standing or sitting on the floor. It’s great to have a spot to relax above the dirt. Grab a beer and get a little Lawn Chair Lazy!

James Barker Band - Top Country Charts