Chris Buck Band

Video Premiere: Chris Buck Band’s “Good Ol’ Days”

Chris Buck Band brings us back with his music video for “Good Ol’ Days”. Get ready to feel nostalgic as Chris Buck shares home videos from his childhood.

“Good Ol’ Days” is featured on Chris Buck Band’s new EP “All In”. Fun fact: the present-day footage in the video was shot in Okanogan, BC, where “All In” was recorded.

When asked about the video Chris said, “I personally feel this is my best music video yet, it has footage of me as a kid growing up and hopefully brings you back to some “Good Ol Days” in your life! Seeing old footage of my mom and family growing up in Ontario brought back so many memeories from playing Minor hockey in Barrie, New Westminster and all other sports and birthdays.”

Here are 3 of our favourite flashbacks from the video:

1. Chris holding up his Bobby Hull poster with the MOST pride.
2. The cutest jam session ever with Chris & his siblings.
3. The fake moustache, worn with a gigantic smile.

Take a trip down memory lane with the music video for “Good Ol’ Days” below!

With his latest EP “All In”, Chris Buck set out to create a mature sound. A sound that would allow fans to connect with the singer on a more personal level.

With the success of his previous hits like “That’s When You Know”, Chris Buck Band shows no signs of slowing down. One of his favourite moments of his career so far was his 2017 CCMA nomination for “That’s When You Know”. “Having the industry recognize a song I wrote was pretty humbling”.

Chris’ dream career moment? Winning album of the year! With catchy hooks and savvy lyrics, “All In” certainly has the potential to make his dreams come true.