Cold Creek County: Canada Day Must-Haves

How do the guys from Cold Creek County celebrate Canada Day?! Find out below and get ready to see them at Dauphin’s Country Fest on July 1!

Ches Anthony’s Canada Day Must-Haves: Dirt Bikes And Fireworks

Doug Oliver’s Canada Day Must-Haves: Toque And A Hockey Stick

Doug Oliver - Cold Creek County

Trev MacLeod’s Canada Day Must Haves: Coffee And BBQ Chicken

Jordan Honsinger’s Canada Day Must Haves: BBQ Anything And Hangin With Friends

Trevor Cold Creek County - Canada Day Must-Haves

Josh Lester’s Canada Day Must-Haves: 10,000-Watt Stereo And A Telescope

Justin Lester’s Canada Day Must-Haves: Beer And flip flops

Cold Creek County Beer

Want to see Cold Creek County live this summer? Visit their official website for dates and tickets.

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