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Top Country Pick: Jessica Mitchell Feat. Tim Hicks – Somebody Gonna Get Hurt

Jessica Mitchell - Somebody Gonna Get Hurt

Just when we thought Jessica Mitchell reached perfection with “Somebody Gonna Get Hurt”, she added Tim Hicks to the song, creating absolute perfection.

With Tim Hicks’ music known to bring the party and Jessica Mitchell’s known to bring on the waterworks, this collaboration certainly wasn’t expected. Yet, we can’t stop listening. The pair truly compliment each other and bring a new dimension to “Somebody Gonna Get Hurt”.

For those not so lucky in the love department, “Somebody Gonna Get Hurt” could certainly be a new anthem. At a certain point it’s hard to stay hopeful when every relationship fizzles out, comes to a halt or was never given the chance to begin with. If the thought of love gives you a moment of excitement followed by a whole lot of doubt, you’ll be saying amen to this one.

Listen to this week’s pick, “Somebody Gonna Get Hurt” by Jessica Mitchell feat. Tim Hicks, on the Top Country Songs playlist below. Be sure to let us know what you think!

Top Country Pick of the Week: “Somebody Gonna Get Hurt” – Jessica Mitchell feat. Tim Hicks

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