Pick of the Week – Elyse Saunders “Genes”

Elyse Saunders – Genes

Elyse Saunders returns with her new song “Genes” serving as the fourth radio single from her 2021 EP “Free!” The overall message is simple yet quite divine. Elyse says, “’Genes’ is all about coming together, no matter what race, gender, or place you come from and celebrating that. The song shares this message in a light and almost ambiguous way that will invite fans to peel away new layers of the song every time they listen to it.” And we’re here for it. We love a song with a strong message. The music video, which dropped last week and has already amassed over 80,000 views “captures the fun, upbeat, and diverse nature of the song, and I hope that everyone who discovers it – especially my country music friends – will be inspired to bring more diversity to the genre overall.” “Genes” is our official pick of the week for March 18, 2022. Check out the video and listen, below

Listen: https://linktr.ee/ElyseSaunders