The “Nashville” Top 10 – Season 1


We recently compiled our favourite songs from season one of Nashville, performed by the super talented cast. The season finale airs tonight on ABC. Check your local listings.


1. If I Didn’t Know Better – Claire Bowen and Sam Palladio
2. Ho Hey – Lennon and Maisy Stella
3. Change Your Mind – Claire Bowen and Sam Palladio
4. Stronger Than Me – Connie Britton
5. Consider Me – Hayden Panettiere
6. Looking for a Place to Shine – Claire Bowen
7. No One Will Ever Love You – Connie Britton and Charles Esten
8. Used – Hayden Panettiere
9. Wrong Song – Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere
10. Let There Be Lonely – Jonathan Jackson