We sat down with country rock group Blackjack Billy (Rob Blackledge, Noll Billings, Jeff Coplan and Brad Cummings) to ask them why THEY think ‘God Made Summertime’!

What’s at the top of your list?

1. Baseball!!!
2. Long days outside in the sun.
3. Late-night outdoor hangs.
4. Freedom! Since we were kids, you survive the school year and then cut loose!!
5. It’s so nice to go outside and fully enjoy the places you get to be (without a jacket)…
6. Water!! Oceans, lakes, swimming pools, whatever! From a great surf session to a good old fashioned cannonball, we’ve always been drawn to the water.
7. Music festivals!!! = outdoor shows. I mean, this one is obvious.
8. Less Clothes… Need we explain?? Ha
9. The beach.. nuff said.
10. Shorts and flops. Takes all the guess work out of what we’ll be wearing.
11. Early morning fishing.
12. Outdoor grilling (although we must admit that cold weather doesn’t stop me here. We love to grill)!
13. Cold beer. Tastes better when it’s hot outside.
14. Did we mention being in, near, around, on, next to the water? Here’s to Brad Paisley!!
15. Finally, warm nights. We are no longer confined to daylight hours. The sun may have gone down, but that means that it’s starting to feel just right. SO, let’s hang a little longer…

Time to soak up the sun and get your lazy on all day long while enjoying their new single ‘Why God Made Summertime‘!

Blackjack Billy