Are they…?

Autumn Hill I seemed to be asked the same question, multiple times during Country Music Week in Edmonton. It was a question I didn’t know and still don’t know the answer to. It seems everyone wants to know if the talented duo, Autumn Hill (Tareya Green & Mike Robins) are a couple.

The duo recently released their debut album Favourite Mistake which includes the three hit singles; “Anything At All”, “Can’t Keep Waiting” and “Fire”. Hmm, come to think of it, all of those singles are about relationships.

I’ve discussed artists/celebrities deciding not to be open about their relationships in the past (I’m looking in your direction Kimberly Perry and JP Arencibia…) but is it any different when an actual recording duo is a couple? Let’s think of other famous country duo’s for a minute.

Thompson Square (Keifer and Shawna Thompson) are a married duo and they use that to their advantage. It’s really part of their successful shtick in the United States. Recently crowned 2013 CCMA Duo of the Year, The Stellas (Brad & Marylynne Stella) are in fact married couple with two adorable and equally (if not more) famous daughters, Lennon and Maisy. Steel Magnolia’s Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey who had a big Top 5 debut single  (“Keep on Loving You”) were at one point an engaged couple. The Civil Wars, while not a couple – had some magnetic and awkwardly obviously chemistry considering they were both married. We all know how that ended…

Relationships are hard enough, they really are like a second job. I can always understand the need for privacy as I prefer to have some myself, but from a business standpoint, would you be happy knowing these two are making incredible music together inside (and outside) the bedroom?

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