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Brett Kissel: Canada Day Must-Haves (From Footballs To Booze)

updated: June 29, 2019

Brett Kissel: Canada Day Must-Haves

Grab some booze and get ready to celebrate with Brett Kissel’s Canada Day Must-Haves!

1. Booze.

I’m not gonna hide or deny it. Parties are better when alcohol’s involved. So this Canada Day, celebrate the Canadian brewmasters and whisky distillers by chugging some cold Molson Canadian, Alexander Keith’s or Millstreet Organic…

2. Something Red & White.

If Americans can be ultra patriotic with Stars and Stripes, then this year we ought to throw our “politeness” aside and get decked out in red and white. A Team Canada hockey jersey will get extra points at a Canada Day party. Extra extra points if the Team Canada Jersey is #99, or #87, or #14 – Jordan Eberle who was voted the best Team Canada World Junior Hockey Player of all time.

3. A Deck of Cards.

I know this may be a weird one, but if you’re sitting by the lake at a picnic table, you’re out camping in the mountains, or you’ve got a kick ass campsite at one of the many Canada Day long weekend country music festivals, then play some cards, and celebrate some of the unique Canadian games like: “Oh Hell” or “Uker”. And if you’re partying with your hot friends a good old fashioned game of “Strip Poker” is always fun. (Don’t invite your grandparents to this particular card game though!)

4. Bluetooth Speaker.

Make a playlist of your favorite Canadian songs or bands. Be unapologetic about it. Crank it up and show off your DJ skills by spinning all the greats from Great Big Sea to Blue Rodeo. Michael Buble to Serena Ryder. Some country gold like Ian Tyson and Corb Lund. Some rock classics like Trooper and Tragically Hip. Even blast out some Celine Dion and Drake. Don’t forget Shania Twain and “Man I Feel Like a Woman”. That’s one of my faves.

5. Canadian Flag.

If anyone lives “hard” like I do, you may not make it to #Canada200. So take a flag and get all your friends and family to autograph it. Celebrate it. Make some memories.

6. A guitar.

Much like DJ’ing around the campfire, your favorite tunes should come out on guitar. Even if someone only knows the 3 chords for BTO’s “Takin Care of Business”, or the one “D” chord of “American Woman” by the Guess Who, then the night will have been a success and bringing a guitar to the party would have been the right call.

Tune ‘er up…

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7. Red Solo Cups & Ping Pong Balls.

Americans think they’re great at Beer Pong. Uh uh. We’re better at Beer Pong too. Plus Red solo cups are red on the outside and white on the inside. Those are our colors.

8. A CFL Sized Football.

Don’t bring an NFL sized football. No. Channel your inner CFL quarterback like Anthony Calvillo or Doug Flutie, or Damon Allen, and toss around the pigskin with your family and friends and talk about Canadian football stadium things like the Grey Cup. Poutine. And Fried Perogies.

9. A Hockey Stick.

You can make a ball or a puck out of anything if a legit road hockey game starts. But for many other reasons a hockey stick is important for any celebration. It can be used to stoke your campfire. Fend off bears. Or as a flag pole for the Canadian flag you’re supposed to bring.

10. Booze.

Did I mention this yet? Whatever you do, don’t run out of booze