Carrie Thinks Women Have It Tough in Country

carrie underwoodCarrie Underwood has spoken out about the state of women in country music. After hearing that in both 2012 and 2013, just three of the Top 25 artists on Billboard Top Country Songs chart were solo women, she said to Billboard; “You would think we would be farther along in the thinking about women in country music. I like to think things are getting better, but then I see stats like [the one above] and realize that women really do seem to get the short end.”

She went on to say; “We see new male artists have their first single reach No.1 on the charts, but it generally takes females a lot more to build momentum. I know that I am an exception to this, but I also know if I hadn’t made my place in country music via ‘American Idol,’ I probably could have tried to make it for the rest of my life and never made any progress.”

Carrie also said “I don’t think women can get away with the partying, beer-drinking, hung-over, truck-driving kind of music that a lot of the guys have gotten away with lately.”

What do you think, do female country stars have it harder than the men? Let me know below.