Eric Church shocked by his fame

Country star Eric Church has come a long way from his ‘How ‘Bout You’ days to his latest chart topper ‘Springsteen‘ but he still finds it all hard to believe.  Church, who is currently on his Blood, Sweat and Beers tour, has sold around half a million tickets, filling out arenas all over the place.

“What’s weird is playing a lot of these cities now, selling out arenas, and I remember we were at the club two years ago just down the street. It’s just weird for me to be out there and see that and go, ‘What the hell happened? Where did you people come from?’ he told the Regina Leader Post. “It’ll never feel normal for me because I’ll always feel like we’re the underdog a little bit,” he said. “I’ll always feel like we’ve got to fight harder than everybody else, that we have to give it more than everybody else. “

“I mean, I never thought I’d have a No. 1 anything so to have the No. 1 album and the second No. 1 single off this record, it’s just bizarre.”

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