Country star Eric Church spoke his mind and a whole lot of people, including Blake Shelton and his better-half Miranda Lambert,  are upset.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Church gave his opinion on the plethora of ‘reality’ competition shows like American Idol and The Voice.  Basically shows that manufacture music stars for public consumption. Like many music fans (including this writer) and music artists, Church has no time for these competition shows. The singer took a shot at Shelton, and his gig on the popular TV show The Voice saying: “It’s become Amer­ican Idol gone mad. Honestly, if Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green turn around in a red chair, you got a deal? That’s crazy. I don’t know what would make an art­ist do that. You’re not an art­ist.”

Church was just voicing his opinion about these music shows and how they don’t have much to do with being a real music artist; “If I was concerned about my legacy, there’s no way I would ever sit there (and be a reality-show judge). Once your career becomes about some­thing other than the music, then that’s what it is. I’ll never make that mistake. I don’t care if I starve.”

Those words hurt the country couple and soon after the article hit the Internet, Blake and Miranda got defensive.  Blake tweeted “I wish I misunderstood this…” And Miranda, who was a finalist on the TV competition show Nashville Star in 2003, tweeted, “Thanks Eric Church for saying I’m not a real artist.”   Ouch.

How do you feel about reality competition shows and the artists who participate in them?