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Canada has no shortage of talented, country men. On top of producing great music and spending hours on the road, many of these awesome musicians are also great fathers. To celebrate Father’s Day, we sat down with country star Tim Hicks to ask him a few questions about being a dad.

TC: Your favourite thing about being a dad?

TH: The moment I get home from the road and the kids are waiting for me at the door. I love that they’re so excited to see me.

TC: Your secret to making them go to bed:
TH: Routine!! And they won’t skip a step either. They have to have their bath, brush teeth, then stories, then sleep. No substitutions or they won’t go down easy lol!

TC: Your favourite children’s book:
TC: Easy, “The Book With No Pictures” by BJ Novak. It’s brilliant.

TC: Your favourite hometown family stompin’ ground?

TH: Yeah, there’s a great park very close to our house. We often walk down after dinner for a little play time before bath.

TC: How you cope with being away from them on the road:
TH: I try my best not to dwell on it, but FaceTime certainly makes it easier. It never replaces a hug, but makes being away a little more bearable.

TC: Any advice that you would give to future fathers:
TH: I’m not qualified for that by any means lol!

Some of our other favourite Canadian country dads:

Dallas Smith

Daddy/Daughter date ❤️❤️

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