Fresh Find: Tim Hicks


We recently sat down with Tim Hicks to chat about ‘getting by’, Zac Brown Band, and what’s in the works for one of the freshest faces on the Canadian country music scene.



Your debut single ‘Get By’ recently topped our Canadian downloads charts. Describe the feeling of that accomplishment


I think “surreal” best describes that feeling. Waking up to that email was pretty exciting- so exciting, in fact, I had to read it a number of times before it really sank in! I think every artist dreams of having a #1 ANYTHING, and for that to happen with my debut single was unbelievable… and proof that anything is possible!


If you could have a music career modeled like someone else’s, who would it be?


I think I’d have to say Zac Brown. I love that those guys just went out and played and played and played. That kind of perseverance is something I value, and can totally identify with having spent 15 plus years playing in bars and clubs. Plus, I love that they write such great, timeless music and are all killer players and singers! Totally inspiring!


What’s coming up that fans should look forward to, other than an album?


Well, we shot the video for “Get By” recently and I’m really excited for fans to see it. But mostly I’m excited to get out and play the material I’ve been writing and recording in Nashville. I can’t wait to get out there and meet the people that have been digging “Get By”, so I can say thanks! It’s a new (and really exciting) thing for me to have people from all over Canada tweeting and Facebooking about my music, and believe me I don’t take that for granted.


Where would you like to see yourself in a year?


I’d like be a little more established in the industry, but I also understand that it takes time, and a ton of hard work. We are literally just getting started, and right now I’m focused on the task at hand, which is writing the best material I can, finishing an album, and getting out in front of people so they can get to know me and I can get to know them. Hopefully (with a little luck and hard work), this whole thing won’t be a fleeting moment and I’ll be around for a while!

TC’s Fun 5

1. First thing you notice about people? – I’d have to say their eyes

2. Favourite song to cover? – Right now, ‘Springsteen’ by Eric Church

3. Favourite spot to be in Nashville? – That’s easy- the studio

4. The one thing you’ve always wanted to do? – Meet Paul McCartney

5. Biggest pet peeve? –  Laziness


You can also follow Tim on Twitter and Facebook.

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