Gord Bamford: Canada Day Must-Haves

Let’s be honest, even if you’re stuck in the office today, your mind is already at the beach. Canada Day is almost here and if you’re struggling with what to bring to the party, Gord Bamford’s got you covered. Celebrate Canada 150 with Gord Bamford’s Canada Day Must-Haves.

1. A Nice Night

Gord Bamford night
2. Ketchup Chips
3. Fireworks
4. Football To Throw Around With The Kids

Gord Bamford Kids

5. BBQ
6. Water Guns
7. Beer And Clamato

Gord Bamford Beer - Canada Day Must-Haves

8. All Canadian Playlist

Listen to Gord Bamford and more Canadian country artists on the Top Country Canada 150 Songs Playlist.

Want to party with Gord Bamford on Canada Day?! Catch him in Lacombe, Alberta on July 1. For all summer dates, visit his official website.