Spotify 2019 Wrapped - How to Get

End of a Decade: How to get your Spotify 2019 Wrapped

The Spotify 2019 Wrapped experience has created a way to show you all the songs, albums, and artists you were streaming this year. Now available, visit

It’s nearing the end of 2019, holiday season is fast approaching and Spotify is celebrating the start of a new decade with My Decade Wrapped. Login at the link above to also see the music that defined your decade.

Spotify 2019 Wrapped Decade
[Photo: Spotify]

What is Spotify’s 2019 Wrapped?

  • To access your Spotify Wrapped and My Decade Wrapped, visit
  • Login with your Spotify account
  • Navigate through slides that highlight you’re favourite artists of the year
  • In Canada, Spotify will highlight top artists for each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • Your #1 Artist of 2019, with time spent listening, Favourite Song and a feature to tweet a thank you to the artist.
  • Top 5 Artists of 2019
  • World map featuring number of artists you’ve listened to from other countries
  • Top Songs Playlist Generator with a preview of your top song covers
  • For users who’ve been with Spotify for at least two years, there’ll be a recap with not only your top artists, but also the total minutes streamed throughout the decade and your top artist and song for each year.
  • Spotify Premium members will have access to data stories and insights about their year, including the number of artists they discovered, songs you have discovered and the time spent listening to them.
  • The start of the My Decade Wrapped begins with how many years you have been a Spotify user.
  • A graph shows the total time spent listening in each year.
  • The music that defined your decade appears with Top Song and Top Artist for each year.
  • Artist of the Decade is featured followed by recap graphics for both 2019 Wrapped and My Decade Wrapped that are generated for you to download or share directly to social. The graphics also include your Top Genre.
Top Country Songs playlist