Jason McCoy hit to be featured on TV dramedy ‘GCB’

If you’re a fan of the new ABC/CTV drama/comedy GCB (formerly titled Good Christian Belles) starring Leslie Bibb, Kristen Chenoweth, and Annie Potts, and you dig Jason McCoy‘s music, then make sure you tune into the show on April 1 at 10:00pm EST.   That’s because McCoy’s hit ‘I Feel A Sin Comin’ On’ will be featured on the prime-time hit show.

GCB, created by Darren Star (Melrose Place, Sex In The City) follows Amanda Vaughn, a woman who used to be the queen bee of Highland Park, Texas. Back in the day, she terrorized the less attractive and less popular. But now, after her husband gets busted for a Ponzi scheme and then dies in sensationalized circumstances, Amanda has to return to her hometown in disgrace. So the series really centers around whether the good Christian women of Highland Park will welcome her with open arms…or stab her in the back?

Here’s Jason’s video for the song from his 2004 album, Sins, Lies and Angels