Justin Trudeau meets some folks at the Calgary Stampede

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau has the star power of any A-list celebrity.  He is political royalty in Canada as the son of former Prime Minister, the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Love it or hate it, his star power was in full effect this past weekend as he shook hands and served food at the Stampede breakfast in Hillhurst, AB.

Calgary Liberal MLAs David Swann and Kent Hehr hosted the event but many were most excited to catch a glimpse of Justin as they cut lines to do so. Trudeau ruled himself out of the race for the 2011 Liberal Leadership but now that Bob Rae has announced that he will not be running for the April 2013 leadership race, Trudeau has become a top contender once again.

According to the Calgary Herald, Trudeau told reporters that making the rounds with crowds at the Stampede is something he’s done during each visit to Calgary, and he’s still reflecting on whether he will run for his party’s leadership.  “I’m aware that there’s a certain popularity factor out there. But that’s not the centre of any decision I have to make,” said Trudeau. “The question is, can I manage to be a good father while being a good leader, and eventually a good prime minister, first and foremost. And also, am I the right person for the job?”