NHL playoffs inspiring artists to do more than cheer

The Vancouver Canucks lost out of round 1 in the NHL playoffs on Sunday night. Some of our genre’s most enthusiastic hockey fans including Aaron Pritchett, Dallas Smith, and former Canuck draft-pick Chad Brownlee tweeted their thoughts about their beloved team’s loss. But, there were a few who seemed happy the Canucks‘ Stanley Cup dreams came to an end. This provided a lot of backlash to rising country artist Brett Kissel who tweeted, “Riot in Vancouver again tonight? Bahaha. #gokingsgo #vancouverloses”.

Kissel insists it’s all in good fun and even wrote a song as an apology to all the Canucks‘ fans disappointed with his tweeted words.


Then, Chad Brownlee wrote this little diddy in response for all the Canucks fans out there…..


It’s a great time of year and that was only round one. Let’s see what round two can inspire.