Wow.  We all know Garth Brooks is popular… but…. FIFTY EIGHT seconds for 15,322 tickets to SELL OUT for Garth’s Calgary Stampede concert.  FIFTY EIGHT SECONDS.

COME ON!! There is no way that all of those tickets were purchased by ACTUAL HUMANS.  Sure, thousands of people would have all been online exactly at 10:00 am to try their luck at Ticketmaster…but there is NO WAY that you can tell me that nothing fishy went on.  Seriously, thousands of Garth fans were left with NOTHING while ticket resale sites like StubHub had over FIVE HUNDRED tickets for sale!!  And EBay had over 61 listings for tickets.  So, sure, you can GET tickets… if you’re willing to pay anywhere from $500 to FOUR THOUSAND for them.

It’s an absolute outrage that TRUE FANS may have to resort to selling a kidney to get to see Garth.  And it appears that there are a lot of people who agree with me.  Albertan artist Craig Moritz took to his Facebook and Twitter on Friday to speak out against scalpers, along with many other disappointed fans.

Ticketmaster is saying it is going to “investigate for irregularities” but that’s not going to help the thousands of disappointed fans.  Unfortunately, Garth’s people say he isn’t able to add on another show, so many will have to decide whether it’s worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to see him live.

As much as I love Garth, I just can’t see myself spending that kind of money on tickets.  How much would you pay to see Garth or your very favourite artist?  Do you think ticket retailers should have stricter policies in place to guard against scalpers? And shouldn’t these sites be shut down?  Isn’t scalping illegal?

All I know is I wouldn’t sell the farm to see a concert no matter WHO it was…. Well, perhaps if they threw in my own personal meet and greet with Garth… then we’d see.. ;-)