Sarah Harmer – ‘live’ – Came On Lion

Trying to figure out the type of music Sarah Harmer performs is not easy.   Her music draws from a variety of sources.  But pegging her as a country-folk artist, or pop performer, or singer/songwriter, has nothing to do with what she (and nearly every artist for that matter) is attempting to do, write and sing songs that may ultimately mean something to one or more listeners.   Harmer ended up making music a career after seeing the Tragically Hip perform in her college town of Kingston, Ontario and figuring she might be able to connect with others, like they did with her. She has certainly done that with her original, unique , rootsy songwriting.

The following is rare, never-before-released video of Sarah performing her song, ‘Came On Lion,’ in 2001.  The song is so new, at the time, that Sarah introduces it as having no title.  She is playing in a Starbucks parking lot during the 2001 South By Southwest Music Festival.  At the time Harmer had released just two albums (Songs for Clem and You Were Here). The latter would go on to attain platinum status. ‘Came On Lion’ was eventually released on Harmer’s 2004 album, All Of Our Names. To purchase the album version click here…Came On Lion - All of Our Names (International Version)