Now who’s ‘Insensitive’?

Seriously Jann Arden, what the hell? I love ya and all, but really…?  Bringing your dog on a train and then complaining when you have to obey the rules … wow.. it appears that someone’s gone all Diva.. small dog in a bag and all.
It would NOT EVEN OCCUR TO ME to bring my dog on a train (for one, my dog is insane, but that’s not the point of this..)  There are RULES …. then to see Jann tweet the following:

“Via Rail you guys suck…a four pound dog in a bag and you boot me off in the middle of nowhere?”

Arden, you REFUSED to put your dog in the baggage section.  What did you expect them to do?  People have allergies and stuff. And oh yeah, regular folks have rules to follow.

And I’m sure she was in the middle of a desert or something.  I mean, Oshawa’s not my favourite place in the world, but I’ve been to places out west that far suited the bill of “middle of nowhere”. .. Can you say Drama Queen?  Several fans took offense and called her to task for both her error in judgement and the Oshawa bashing.. she’s apologized and all but still… you’d think this would be a lesson.. “think before you tweet”

OK country fans, comment below, Do you think Jann over reacted? Or Via Rail?  Or the entire city of Oshawa..?