The Lovelocks

The Lovelocks Top 5 Moments From Writing “20 Dollars In My Pocket”


When they first won the CCMA Discovery Award in 2014, The Lovelocks caught the attention of the Canadian country music scene and have held it ever since.

Consisting of Ali Raney and Zoe Neuman, The Lovelocks released their third album entitled 20 Dollars in My Pocket this past July. They have also been nominated five consecutive times for Roots Artist or Group of the Year at the CCMA Awards; most recently at the 2018 show where they looked stunning on the red carpet.

We recently interviewed the pair and had the chance to ask them what their favourite moments from creating their latest album were! Scroll down to see what The Lovelocks had to say and what they enjoyed most about creating 20 Dollars in My Pocket!


1. Writing “Staycation” while on an actual ‘Staycation’

“We decided to take a songwriting ‘staycation’ with our producer Ben Glover so we flew him up to Toronto from Nashville and we actually wrote the song Staycation while having a songwriting ‘staycation’ in our hometown”.


2. Recording in Toronto

“We recorded this album (here) in Toronto. We have previously done a lot of our recording in Nashville but this time we did the bulk of our recording right here in our home city which was awesome. My dog got to come to the studio, we slept in our own beds every night and it was awesome! It was such a great experience. Thank you to Kensington Sound and Trench Recordings!”


3. Staycation Remix

“We were approached by a DJ originally based out of Norway who’s now in Canada, and he wanted to do a remix of (and work with us on the remix) of our song Staycation. So currently we have a dance hit on our hands! It is this amazing, hilarious, awesome remix of Staycation which we might like better than the original!”


4. First Hearing “20 Dollars In My Pocket”

“Last year at the (2017) CCMA Awards in Saskatoon, we had a meeting with some publishing companies from Nashville and they played us a bunch of songs and 20 Dollars in My Pocket was one of them. It stood out to us so much, it was in our heads for months, and we decided to record it. We’re so so glad we did.”


5. Shooting a Documentary

“We have been shooting a huge documentary with a dear filmmaker friend of ours, Frances Mackinnon. She has been journeying through the whole making, the highs and the lows of creating this album with us. We’re still shooting, we’re in process on that but it’s been a real highlight for us. Stay tuned for information (on the documentary) in the future!”


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