The journey to this point was certainly not an easy one for Jimmie Allen. Between living in his car and working multiple jobs, the 32 year-old from Delaware never gave up on his dream. He recently released his first full-length album Mercury Lane and hasn’t looked back since.

Best Shot is the first single off of the album and has garnered critical acclaim while reaching the Top 10 at country radio in the United States. The song is inspired by his grandmother and his son who have both played a major role in his life.

We had the chance to ask Jimmie Allen about some of his favourite things. Everything from his favourite vacation spot to his biggest guilty pleasure is revealed below!


Favourite whiskey – “Maker’s Mark (and Ginger Ale!)”

Favourite guilty pleasure – “Disney World. I am a HUGE Disney World fan!”

Favourite song right now that’s on country radio – “Rich by Maren Morris. Love that song!”

Favourite country legend – “Aaron Tippin.”

Favourite song to perform live – “My song called Underdogs. It’s always fun to perform live.”

Favourite thing about Canada – “I love the culture, man. Just the overall feeling. Everyone here is just loving and welcoming no matter how different you might be.”

Favourite vacation spot – “Disney World!”

Favourite moment in my career so far – “Actually it’s every show anytime I get to meet new people and hear how my song connected with them and a part of their life. For me that’s super important because as an artist the one thing we want to do is make music that connects to people so when I hear how it connected that’s the best feeling in the world.”


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