Ryan Laird - Gamble on Love - Top Country Favourites

Top Country Favourites with ‘Gamble On Love’ Singer Ryan Laird

Top Country Favourites with ‘Gamble On Love’ Singer Ryan Laird

To celebrate the release of Ryan Laird’s new single, ‘Gamble On Love‘, we asked Ryan to share his Top Country Favourites!

Favourite New Artist

Wow… there are so many talented artists on the scene right now… I’m going to go with Chris Janson. My wife and I watched him perform at Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in Nashville and he absolutely lit up the stage!

Favourite Song of all Time

I wish I had written “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams. That song gives me pins and needles every time I hear it.

Favourite Song to perform Live

There are so many!! I’m going to go with “Break On Me” made famous by Keith Urban. My pal Ross Copperman (super awesome Nashville songwriter) helped pen this tune for Keith. I love to cover it live. It’s a great tune!

Here’s a video of Ryan Laird singing ‘Break On Me’!

Favourite Country Crush

Well that’s an easy one… my beautiful country wife of course… when we got engaged, I invited about 30 friends over to our home just outside of Nashville and I proposed to her via song during a little kitchen jam party.

Watch the proposal below!

Favourite Piece of Advice

Look at something for how it actually is, not what you think it might be.

Favourite Lyric in Gamble on Love

“So I said hey
Why don’t we run away
Don’t look back
Go on let the haters hate us
We’ll head straight to Vegas
So what do you say?
You could take my last name
Come on, take a gamble on love
Take a gamble on love”

Favourite Moment Creating the New Single

The day “Gamble on Love” was written, my co-writing appointment called to cancel and just as I took that call, I saw hit songwriter Jeff Cohen walking into the recording studio which I was parked outside of. Since Jeff was an old friend, I walked inside and we caught up. That turned into having lunch together and him telling me about his date that had also cancelled on him. So we decided to go back into the studio after lunch and write a song together about taking a chance on love. It could be someone you’ve just met. Sometimes love sparks happen right away and you gotta dive right in. So Jeff and I joined forces with our super talented collaborator Zach Abend and wrote this song about how it can be fun to take a chance in life, and take a gamble on love.

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