Top Country Pick: JJ Shiplett ‘Waiting On The Rain’

Waiting On The Rain – JJ Shiplett | Featured on the Top Country Songs playlist

CCMA nominated roots artist JJ Shiplett recently dropped an impressive new single “Waiting On The Rain”. The raspy, vulnerable single comes off of his new EP Fingers Crossed, released today. Check out the new video below for “Waiting On The Rain”, and listen to JJ’s new EP here.

When I was just a young boy
Before my mom became a widow
My father told a story
I still hear it in my pillow
It’s something about a circus
And wherever life will take us 
The road don’t get clearer
If you’re stuck looking in the mirror”

JJ Shiplett Lyrics from ‘Waiting On The Rain’


Calling JJ Shiplett a force of nature might be considered a hyperbole to those who haven’t heard the singer perform live, but for anyone that has, it fits the bill just right. Few musicians can capture a person’s attention by way of song as effortlessly and honestly the way JJ does.

Having a rare ability to connect with audiences using his affecting and vast vocal range, the singer first made his mark on the national music scene with his CCMA Awards-nominated debut album Something to Believe in in 2017. Now, the roots singer is back with a sophomore record, Fingers Crossed, an album which further showcases his ability to captivate through contemplative songwriting.

One part enigma, one part lover, one part creative…JJ Shiplett is many things, but as a musician, the singer is greater than the sum of these parts and always leaves a lasting impression.

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