Top Country Radio Tip Sheet – February 22, 2017


TOP COUNTRY TIP SHEET – February 22, 2017

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Tim Hicks

Tim went on vacation this past week to the Dominican and posted a great duck-face selfie on Instagram.

Leaving Thomas

Leaving Thomas posted a hilarious video of their rehearsal yesterday on Instagram. In the video, Annika played the drums (very energetically of course!) and the caption promised she would not be playing the drums at their next show.

Dallas Smith

Dallas Smith posted the trailer for his new video ‘Side Effects’. Premieres Feb 24! The video will be INTENSE! From the trailer, we’ve gathered that this will be a mini-movie full of action, drama and possibly a car crash.


Hunter Brothers

Hunter Brothers posted a video of their mom crying while watching the video for their new single Getaway. Super sweet!!


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