Top Country Songs For Your Summer Soundtrack

Roll your windows down and crank up the country! Here are the top 10 summer songs you need to be listening to as the weather gets warmer.

Summer Songs: 10. JoJo Mason – Something To Wrap My Heart Around

Jojo Mason - Something To Wrap My Heart Around
No doubt JoJo Mason’s ‘Something To Wrap My Heart Around’ will have you dancing in your seat from the first line.

Summer Songs: 9. Tareya – Summer Wheels

Tareya Summer Wheels
The debut solo single from Tareya (of Autumn Hill), Summer Wheels, is one of those songs that becomes more addictive each time you hit play.

Summer Songs: 8. James Barker Band – It’s Working

James Barker Band - Game On - New Country Releases
While James Barker Band hasn’t announced their next single, we’re not so secretly hoping it’s going to be ‘It’s Working’. Seeing as the first line is “Could be the summer night, could be that song that just came on”, it just makes sense. 😉

Summer Songs: 7. Eric Ethridge – Liquor’s Callin’ The Shots

Eric Ethridge Liquor's Callin' the Shots
Catch newcomer, Eric Ethridge, in concert this summer and get ready to scream ‘shots, shots, shots, YA’!!

Summer Songs: 6. Andrew Hyatt – On Me

Andrew Hyatt Iron & Ashes 400x400
Andrew Hyatt’s new song ‘On Me’ from his album ‘Iron & Ashes’ will have you feeling all the feels.

Summer Songs: 5. Tim Hicks – Slide Over

Shake These Walls - Tim Hicks
We can’t get enough of Tim Hicks’ current single, ‘Slide Over’ from his album ‘Shake These Walls’. Whenever it comes on the radio, we can’t help but crank it.

Summer Songs: 4. Cold Creek County – Homemade

Cold Creek County - Homemade 400x400
You’ll be singing “Ya, we’re homemade” all summer long thanks to Cold Creek County’s catchy new single ‘Homemade’.

Summer Songs: 3. River Town Saints – Woke Up Like This

River Town Saints Woke Up Like This
Kick back with what’s sure to be the love song of the summer.  ‘Woke Up Like This’ from River Town Saints shows a more sensitive side of the party band.

Summer Songs: 2. Dallas Smith – Sky Stays This Blue

Side Effects-dallas-smith Top Country Favourites of 2016
We hope the sky stays blue all summer long too, Dallas. We’re loving his latest single ‘Sky Stays This Blue’ from ‘Side Effects’.

Summer Songs: 1. Madeline Merlo – Motel Flamingo

Madeline Merlo - Motel Flamingo
Madeline Merlo’s new song ‘Motel Flamingo’ is all about those summer party vibes. Grab a beer, some Doritos, a flamingo pool floaty and you’re all set to party with Madeline at Motel Flamingo.

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