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Top Country Essentials For Your Thanksgiving Get-Together

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. That means a long weekend, time with loved ones, and a lot of food! If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving get-together for your family and friends, you definitely have a lot to prepare.

Whether you’re preparing a small lunch, a huge dinner or anything in between, it can be a daunting task making sure everything is set for Thanksgiving.

Being the host is rewarding but can sometimes be difficult and we get that; so if you’re not sure what you need to make this year’s Thanksgiving amazing – don’t fret! Top Country and Giant Tiger have you covered with some things that you’ll need to make your Thanksgiving get-together one to remember!


Umbra Geo Wine Bottle Topper and Charms Set

Add a little flare to you and your guest’s wine glasses with these copper and rubber charms. The bottle topper is also a great way to save your wine for a later date. Get it here!

Wine Bottle Topper and Charms Set


Rival Fondue Pot

Want to do something a little different this Thanksgiving? This fondue pot from Rival will definitely be a hit at your get-together. Melt cheese or chocolate into dips and let your guests enjoy the decadent goodness! Get it here!

Rival Fondue Pot 

Printed Tablecloth

A table cloth is an absolute necessity when you’re hosting any sort of event involving people and food! These printed tablecloths from Giant Tiger come at a great price and have designs that really fit the season. Get it here!

Printed Tablecloth


Lodge Cast Iron Serving Pot

Perfect for serving vegetables and sides, soups for two, or baking bread, this cast iron pot will definitely make serving a whole lot easier! Get it here!

Cast Iron Serving Pot


If you’re looking to add another level of entertainment to your Thanksgiving party, look no further! Giant Tiger has amazing deals on classic games like Twister, Scrabble, Clue, and more! Get them here!



Al-De-Chef Meat Thermometer

If you’re cooking a turkey, you’re going to want to make sure it’s the right temperature and this meat thermometer from Al-De-Chef will help you do just that. Get it here!

Meat Thermometer


Plaid Chair Pad

Provide some extra comfort while sprucing up your decor with these plaid chair pads! Get them in grey, light grey, or red and show off your country style this Thanksgiving. Get it here!

Plaid Chair Pad


Food and Beverages

Last but certainly not least, you’re going to need something to serve at your Thanksgiving get-together. Whether you’re doing lunch, dinner, or just snacks – Giant Tiger has you covered with the best deals on your Thanksgiving essentials. Check them out here!


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