Johnny Reid is in the TC Spotlight

Johnny Reid is in the Top Country spotlight. The Scottish-born, Canadian-raised country soul singer is also a songwriter, entertainer, producer, and family man (he and his wife Jennifer have four children).  Jo...
Paul Brandt

Paul Brandt – Our First Spotlight Artist

Top Country’s first Spotlight artist is country star Paul Brandt. After taking a few years off to write and start a family, the Alberta born singer is back in the thick of it on the country music scene. He has just released his 10th album, Give It Away, as well as a box set titled Now. He has also just finished up the first leg of his Now tour, with the second leg set to begin in February.

CMT Hitlist Tour

3 STARS. 26 CITIES. 15,000 FANS. MULTIPLE SOLD OUT SHOWS. 1,248 BOTTLES OF WATER. 624 SANDWICHES. 78 XL PIZZAS. 1 INCREDIBLE TOUR. Country music fans across Canada agree the first ever CMT Hitlist Tour feat...