Brad from High Valley answers TC questions

The Top Country Artist of the Month for July is High Valley. We asked each one of the guys the same questions so we can compare notes between brothers.  First up is Brad…

What are your top three favorite foods?

BR – 1.  Chicken Fajitas

2.  Beef Brisket

3.  Brownies with Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream

What are your top three all-time favorite songs?

BR – 1.  Sawmill Road – Diamond Rio

2.  Sunday In The South – Shenandoah

3.  Love Like This – Blackhawk

What is your all-time favorite quote?

BR – What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? – Jesus

What is your all-time favorite song lyric?

BR – “We knew Jesus was the answer and Elvis was the King.  Blue suede shoes and rock of ages were the songs we learned to sing” – Sawmill Road – Diamond Rio

In a all-out wrestling match which one of you guys wins?

BR – Me.  For sure.

Who are your three favorite songwriters?

BR – Tom Douglas

Allen Shamblin

Travis Meadows

3 favorite authors?

BR – Jesus

Wayne Gretzky (read his autobiography 3 times)

Max Lucado

3 favorite sports?

BR – Hockey



Bob Dylan or Elvis Presley? Why?

BR – Elvis.  I can understand some of his words.

George Strait or Alan Jackson? Why?

BR – Alan Jackson.  One of my role models growing up was a local guitarist named Abe Doerksen.  He was and still is obsessed with Alan Jackson. 

Mountain or beach?

BR – Beach.  Destin, FL.

Wine or Beer?

BR – Chocolate Milk

Weirdest gig ever was…

BR – Playing an open casket funeral as a result within hours of meeting the family of the deceased on a flight to Montana.

Favorite spot in the U.S.?

BR – Florida / Texas / Winthrop, WA

Top 3 favorite DVD rentals?

BR – Remember the Titans, The Help, The Island

What is your favorite sport?

BR – Hockey

What are your top 3 holiday songs?

BR – Go Tell it on the Mountain

Christmas Time’s a Comin

Away in a Manger

What are your 3 biggest pet peeves?

BR – Bad Acting

Bad commercials

Bad service in restaurants

Stage or studio?

BR – Stage

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 record albums would you want with you?

BR – 1.  Diamond Rio – Close to the Edge

2.  Anything by Ricky Skaggs

3.  Melonie Cannon – Self Titled

What three books?

BR – 1.  Bible

2.  Island Survival for Dummies

3.  100 Best Rodent and Insect Recipes

What is the best advice the band was ever given?

BR – Find your main talents / unique gifts and exploit them! – Jimmy Olander – Diamond Rio