Top Country Videos Of 2015

Top Country Music Video Of The Year Award

The best Canadian country music videos of 2015.


Brett Kissel – Airwaves

Released July 2015
This excited couple packs the Jeep with the top down, and when they get to the cottage, he proposes to her.


Wes Mack – The Way You Let Me Down

Released June 2015
He gets an anonymous letter informing him that his girlfriend is cheating on him and then he packs a bag and climbs a mountain.


Dean Brody – Bring Down The House

Released June 2015
He walks into a barn, finds a dusty banjo and starts playing it alone. All the while his city chick is dancing through the graffiti filled streets, until she finally makes her way into the barn which then catches on fire.


Jess Moskaluke – Kiss Me Quiet

Released September 2015
She’s at a classic house party, when she picks up a cute boy who has to kiss her to be quiet.


Paul Brandt – I’m An Open Road Feat. Jess Moskaluke

Released September 2015
So many beautiful shots of nature. Friends are going on a walk through the open roads and forests.


High Valley – She’s With Me

Released June 2015
Two creepy looking people standing in outside of a mansion, who start twerking while the High Valley boys play tricks and baseball with their banjos.


Autumn Hill – Blame

Released April 2015
We’re down for cool monograms and black and white imagery of the two of them singing.


Jess Moskaluke – Night We Won’t Forget

Released February 2015
Flash back through the decades and she just keeps having a night she won’t forget with her hunny.


Dallas Smith – Lifted

Released March 2015
The scariest hitchhiker gets a lift by a cute a young guy through the desert to get to his daughters place of death and bring some fresh flowers to add to the cross.


WINNER! Dean Brody – Upside Down

Released February 2015
Bunch of hippies having a blast on a hippy bus and jumping very “high upside down”, gets first place of the Top Country Video Of The Year Award!