Andrew Hyatt

Can You Guess Andrew Hyatt’s Top Country Secrets?

Andrew Hyatt shared his Top Country Secrets at the 2017 CCMA Awards in Sakaskatoon. Can you guess the lie?!

1. “I own 25 of the exact same t-shirt”
2. “I used to work as an iron worker”
3. “I slept with the lights on in a haunted Airbnb last night”

After a nationwide tour with Dallas Smith, Andrew Hyatt is making a name for himself across Canada and rapidly becoming a mainstay on any country music fan’s playlist. Hailing from Sudbury, Hyatt’s dreams are quickly becoming a reality. He has performed for sold out shows across the country and recently earned a top 10 hit with his single “Do It With You”. 

Back in September, Andrew Hyatt’s single “On Me” hit top 10 on Canadian country radio. This week, he celebrates his second top 10. “Do it With You” was written by country superstars Thomas Rhett and Rhett Atkins.


Andrew Hyatt is just getting started and we can’t wait to hear what’s next for the rising star. For now, check out his Top Country Secrets and listen to “Do It With You” on the Top Country Discovery Songs Playlist!