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Top 5 Reasons Canadian Country Artists Have The Best Fans


Canada is known around the world for hockey, maple syrup, and extreme politeness. What you may or may not know about Canada though, is that Canadian country artists have the best fans. 

We might not have the biggest population but Canadian country fans more than make up for it with their passion, loyalty, and pride for our homegrown country acts! Check out the top 5 reasons why Canadian country artists have the best fans and let us know on Twitter why you think Canadian country fans are the best in the world!


1. Request Songs at Radio

Canadian fans are always requesting radio stations to play songs by their fellow country-folk. From Dauphin, Saskatchewan to London, Ontario, Canadians want to hear Canadians. Requesting Canadian country songs creates a real sense of community and camaraderie, which leads to our next point.


2. Sense Of Community

Canadian country artists give their fans a real sense of community by consistently interacting with them and making them feel like they belong to something special, which they do. In turn, the Canadian country fans have created their own community online and at shows.

Canadian Country Music Fans Tweets

Canadian Country Music Fans Tweets


3. Loyalty

Canadian country fans always go to bat for their favourite artists. Whether it’s waiting in line for hours to stand front row show after show or buying an album on release day, Canadian country fans always stick by their fellow Canadians. If they listened to an artist from the beginning, they will listen forever!


4. Showing Appreciation

Fans giving gifts to their favourite artists is one thing, and it happens very often in Canadian country music, but what about artists giving gifts to their fans to show their appreciation for their continued support? A perfect example is when Tim Hicks recently surprised one of his biggest fans with a plaque for attending her 50th show! Canadians recognize the support they recieve and will always say thank you in one way or another.   


5. Sold Out Concerts

There is something special about attending a sold out country concert. There’s no doubt fans feel a sense a pride when their favourite Canadian country artist hits the stage. That has to be one of the reasons Canadian country fans will always show their support and continue singing along at the top of their lungs.

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