Best gift received
There are a couple that top the list… my Limited Edition Presentation Series Koa Taylor guitar (she has been a part of so many writing sessions, recordings, and live shows)…a custom strap my parents had made for me to celebrate my first main-stage slot (it is completely covered in Swarovski crystals)…along with an electric screwdriver (I’m big into DIY construction projects). The coolest part about all of these? They each carry some pretty incredible and special memories shared with family & friends. Wouldn’t trade those for the world!

Best gift given
Last year I got Lauren (my sister/side-guy on stage) One Direction floor seats the day they went on sale – like, unreal seats. I listened to her complain about needing tickets for months and somehow found a way to keep quiet. I wrapped up the limited edition version of their newest album at the time, and then finally got to share the news when she opened it Christmas morning. She freaked out. Didn’t even see it coming! Best part of the story? She never got to go to the show…we ended up playing one of our own the same night. I still owe her big time.