Meghan Patrick


Best gift received
It’s a tie between my first guitar and my shotgun. I don’t think my dad ever expected that one day he’d be taking one of his daughters Christmas shopping for a shotgun, haha.

Best gift given
I think some of the best gifts I’ve ever given have always been when I was broke, and as a musician and former student, that was often haha. My mom told me one of the best gifts I ever gave her was when I made her a “memory box”. I pasted a collage of pictures and quotes that reminded me of her or memories we had together. Inside I put some of her favourite treats and a mixed CD. Music has always been something very special to my mom and I, she introduced me to so much amazing music from a young age and it shaped the musician I am today. I return the favour by keeping her up to date with any new music I think she might like with playlists and mix CD’s.