Hitting the Books: Back-to-School Fashion

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Article By Allie K. Lamb

It’s that time again, folks.  School is back in gear.  Empower your little people to make good first impressions this fall with the fun fashions and accessories.  Take a look at the latest kids trends for fall 2012.


It’s all about color.  Let your girl go wild pairing vibrant hues from the Gapkids jewel box line and your little dudes rock the stretch skinny jeans available in a green, acorn, and blue wash.  Try pairing a solid color bottom with a printed top.


If you have yet to get on board, now is a great opportunity to find out for yourself what all the hype is about and purchase your first pair of Toms.  These famously comfortable and socially responsible shoes can be paired with a casual school day ensemble or used to dress down a versatile dress.  For every pair purchased, another pair is provided for a person in need.  New colors and patterns come out seasonally, so you can continue to support the organization as feet grow and soles wear down.


Feeling a little artistic? Make a statement wearing an out-of-the-box backpack pattern. Here are 100 ideas from Teen Vogue! For the more traditional, cost-conscious: L.L. Bean originals will literally last you a lifetime.  Proven to withstand years of rough school bus rides, ski trips, and every kind of moldy snack, these bad boys can handle it all.  Don’t forget the monogrammed initials!


Let’s just say it.  We were excited for another Spider Man release this summer.  And we are not ashamed to bring our kids on board, even if it means bringing Spidey to the cafeteria for lunch every day. This Spider Man lunchbox from Pottery Barn Kids is sure to do the trick for your gourmet PB&J with carrot sticks.

Rain jackets:

How brutal are rainy days at the bus stop?  Minimize misery with an L.L. Bean rain jacket.


Do you know how much you spend in a year on plastic water bottles?  Yeah, we lost count six months ago, too.  The Brita water bottle can help you reduce grocery costs and stop bloating your garbage bags with plastic waste.  Perfect for refilling at the bubbler in the second grade corridor or the hose out on the practice field.

Homework Supplies:

Revolutionize the dreaded homework hour with fun tools like Valspar’s chalkboard paint that can be found at your hardware store or home improvement supercenter.  Or paint your own white board with Rust-Oleum’s Dry Erase Paint.