Interview: Kira Isabella


photo (6) Kira Isabella recently released her new single, Quarterback which is getting rave reviews. I caught up with Kira this afternoon and she talked about the song and upcoming video, competition in country music and what we can expect from her in 2014!


Dallas: Kira, thanks for taking some time with us at Top Country.

Kira: Of course!

D: You just came back from the ACM’s in Vegas, how was it?

Kira: Vegas was amazing! It was everything I thought it would be and more. It was my very first time in Vegas and my first time at the ACM’s – all my expectations, it lived up to.

D: Did you get to meet any other artists in Vegas?

K: Yes! There’s one I’m still reeling about is Martina McBride! She is an icon and somebody I have looked up to since I decided I wanted to be a singer. She was doing an interview and I went up to her management and asked If I could ask for a picture and they said “sure, just ask her!” Words barely came out when I went up to her.  I was just a little overwhelmed. All that came out is, “Hi Martina, I love you – can I have a picture?” She was so sweet and we took a couple of photos. That was a highlight of my weekend. That same night, Blake and Miranda were walking around and Keith Urban – so it was all very surreal to be a part of that. Everyone welcomed me with open arms.

D: Let’s talk about Quarterback, the first time I heard it, I texted you and said it was going to be a big hit. I think it’s just the perfect and natural progression from your last album, Love Me Like That.

K: That means a lot to me. One thing I try to stay true to is growing with the people that listen to my music. I don’t want to do anything they can’t relate to. I think one of the special things that I found with people who enjoy my music is that we have such a common ground. I get all the time “I feel like we could be friends” and we can because we’re all going through the same things.  I think it’s very fitting to today’s generation. It resonated with me because unfortunately so many people can relate to this subject. Social media has become this crazy, instantaneous thing that people don’t think about. In a way I was hoping it could be a forewarning to some people who are just starting to use social media and maybe a message to some that are using and abusing it. The song really deals with an issue that’s relevant today and nobody has really shed much light on yet.

D: I wondered to myself if you were a little nervous about releasing a song like this…

K: When you texted me I think I told you I was a little apprehensive because it is a bit controversial but I’m actually very overwhelmed with how the response has been.

D: Yeah, across the board people are really loving the song. I haven’t read a bad thing about it!

K: I’m so glad! Girls are sending me messages and telling me their story. It’s happened to them or somebody they know and it’s so relevant. I also think its a metaphor for trust being broken and how today that can be amplified in so many ways.

D: I’m curious what’s the rest of the album like – are you still in studio recording and writing?

K: There is no exact date yet. I have about four or five vocals completely finished – but it’s starting to shape and come together. It’s all very exciting!

D: It is very exciting, because this is your sophomore album…

K: (Laughs) Everyone keeps saying that to me. It’s the one to be nervous about – it’s the big one.

D: It’s true, it is. This is the time when you’re really under the microscope, not to make you nervous. Like I said, this song was a perfect choice for first single from your sophomore record.

K: Thank you that means a lot. As I said, there’s a very large thought process behind all of it. I think country is ready for a turn, turning from all the party songs and tailgating. I think it’s starting to go back to people wanting to hear story songs…

D: …and people wanting to hear more women!

K: Yes! More women singing about things that matter.

D: I think country is somewhat lacking women right now – there’s a lot out there but they don’t seem to always get played on country radio.

K: Yeah, I think it’s very important and it’s something I’m very excited about. Something I get asked a lot about is Canadian country music and the competition that is starting to come up. People ask me if I’m nervous about the new female artists and no, I’m excited.  I’m excited for the future of this industry. It’s so cool to be in Vegas for the ACM’s and run into Lindsay Ell, Dallas Smith and Brett Kissel. I love that Canadians are representing!

D: What else can we expect in 2014?

K: The album will come out sometime in 2014 – I won’t ballpark what exact date yet. I’m spending half of my time in Toronto and half in Nashville working on it and it’s all coming together – I’m not at the point where I’m thinking about names yet or anything though…(laughs)

D: Before we go, I should mention the video for Quarterback will be making it’s premiere on the Chevrolet Top 20 Countdown in a few weeks. Tell me what people can expect from the video?

K: The video was directed by RT! We shot it here in Toronto and I’m really excited for the video to come out. I think it’ll put the song into context even more. The way they shot it, it’s like a play. They really captured the depth of how a betrayal like that can destroy a young person. I really appreciate that RT! captured the depth of the song, I can’t wait for people to see it.

D: We can’t wait to see it! Thanks for chatting Kira!

If you haven’t heard Kira’s current single Quarterback – have a listen below!

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